Dear Girls:

you dont need to strip down to your bra and panties, bendover to show your cleavage, biting your lips to get attention.
you think your beauty is based on the likes/comments you get on those picture, coming from guys you dont even care about you?!
iknow you love the attention, it makes you feel wanted,notice,loved.But its not the kind of attention you want for yourself.

so hey! just show up yourself who you truly are!

isnt it crazy how a year ago we can look back and realise how much things has changed? the amount of people who has left your life,entered, and stayed. the memories you wont forget and the moments you wish did. Everything its crazy how so many things can happen in only one year.


you know what? yes i’ve changed im not as nice as i usto be,idont want to get used or walked over. i dont trust much people nowadays or tell them most of my secrets, only to the people that has been there for me since time, because behind every fake smile is a backstabbing bitch. i distance myself from certain people because at the end they’re going to leave anyways.i have change quite a bit because i realised im the only person that ican depend on.

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